Thursday, April 16, 2009

FRPT - Force Protection

FRPT - Force Protection, Inc. has been on the run for the past 6 weeks following the trend of the genreral market indices. The stock has been making higher highs and higher lows, moving in a stairstep pattern. The stock came from a low of $4.27 in the beggining of March to a new high today at $8.10 after breaking above its old high at $7.22. Force Protection stock price has moved over 90% in the past 6 weeks. The old high in price was set in January before the stock pulled back for the 8 weeks that followed. The stock is currently above its 5 and 10 week moving averages. Force Protection is poised to move higher as long as the general market continues to advance. The stock ended the day trading at $7.68 +0.87 or 12.78% on 3.5 million trading volume.

Please click on the FRPT - Force Protection chart below in order to enlarge the image:

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