Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Chart Spot/In The Zone

PCP - Precision Castparts Corp.

Precision Castparts Corp. manufactures metal components and products primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company operates in three segments: Investment Cast Products, Forged Products, and Fastener Products. The Investment Cast Products segment offers aerospace structural and airfoil castings; industrial gas turbine castings; artificial hips and knees; parts for satellite launch vehicles; impellers for pumps and compressors; components for armament systems; and alloys and waxes to other companies with investment casting operations.

The Forged Products segment provides forged components for jet engines, including fan and compressor discs, turbine discs, seals, spacers, shafts, hubs, and cases; airframe structural components, such as landing gear beams, bulkheads, wing structures, engine mounts, struts, and tail flaps and housings; discs, spacers, and valve components for steam and gas turbine engines, as well as shafts, cases, and compressor and turbine discs for marine gas engines; mechanical and structural tubular forged products for energy markets; and components for propulsion systems on nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, as well as forgings for pumps, valves, and structural applications.

The Fastener Products segment offers aerospace fasteners, including bolts, nuts, plate nuts, inserts, washers, and other precision components. It also provides refiner plates and screen cylinders for the pulp and paper industry; metal-injection-molded and ThixoFormed components; sewer systems for residential and commercial applications; monitoring units for the power generation industry; thread-rolling and trimming dies, punches and pins, and steel and carbide forging tools for fastener production; hydraulic and pneumatic fluid fittings for airframe applications; and airframe fastener holes. The company was founded in 1949 and is based in Portland, Oregon.

Precision Castparts ended the week trading at $117.26 +6.91 or +6.26% on the upside on heavier than average volume of 5.21 million. The average weekly trading volume for Precision Castparts Corp. is 4.95 million.

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