Sunday, September 4, 2011

In the Zone

$JAZZ - Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company, develops and commercializes products for neurology and psychiatry primarily in the United States.

The company’s marketed products include Xyrem, a sodium oxybate oral solution for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy; and Luvox CR for obsessive compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder.

The company’s late-stage product candidate comprises JZP-6, which has completed two Phase III pivotal clinical trials, for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Its other product candidates in clinical development consist of JZP-8, an intranasal formulation of clonazepam for the treatment of recurrent acute repetitive seizures in epilepsy patients who continue to have seizures while on stable anti-epileptic regimens; JZP-4, a controlled release formulation of an anticonvulsant for the treatment of epilepsy and bipolar disorder; and JZP-7, a transdermal gel formulation of ropinirole for the treatment of restless legs syndrome.

In addition, the company is developing oral tablet forms for sodium oxybate. Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

Please keep the Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on your watch list for a breakout in price above $44.15 - $44.20 on heavier than average daily trading volume of 957,530.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ended the week trading at $41.80 up $3.76 or 9.88% on heavier than average upside trading volume of 5.86 million. The average weekly trading volume for First Majestic Silver Corp. is 4.20 million.

This stock is not a buy recommendation please do your own due diligence or get help from a professional before trading.

By: Marlin Rolle

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